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Jerry Springer Pot Made Me Do It (New, TV-14) A woman worries that her boyfriend is becoming interested in another woman; a woman tries to mend her relationship after a brief act of indiscretion.
The Steve Wilkos Show Is My Husband Secretly a Heroine Addict? (New, TV-14) A woman finds drug paraphernalia in her bathroom and believes her husband is addicted to heroin; a recovering drug addict pursues a better life for herself.
Maury I'm Only 26...Is My 61 Year Old Husband A Cheater? (New, TV-14) A lie detector test determines a marriage; a lady believes her boyfriend's brother helps him cheat; a 26-year-old thinks her 61-year-old husband is cheating.

Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) A woman is kidnapped in the middle of a phone conversation with her boyfriend; historians debate the existence of treasure under the Alamo.
Deep Undercover Operation Cockfight: Underworld Gambling (Repeat, TV-14)
Murderous Affairs Flight of Fancy (Repeat, TV-14)
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Robbing Hollywood's A-List; Soaking the Rich at Auction (HD) Celebrities put their trust in a broker who begins to take advantage of that trust and takes $10 million dollars away from the unsuspecting victims.

Airwolf Flight #903 Is Missing (TV-14) When a 747 commercial airplane and its occupants are forced to land at sea by hostile hijackers, Hawke and Dominic go searching for it.
Young Riders Unfinished Business (TV-PG) A group of brave young men and women risk their lives to deliver mail to the outposts in the American frontier as part of the Pony Express.
In the Heat of the Night Night of the Killing (TV-14) Gillespie and Tibbs clash over their conflicting theories regarding a black man suspected of murdering and robbing a white cabbie in a dangerous neighborhood.

Little House on the Prairie The Silent Cry (TV-PG) An orphanage tries to separate two brothers when a family only wants one of them, and the boys run away and try to hide at Adam and Mary's school.
Little House on the Prairie Portrait of Love (TV-PG) An adopted blind teenager's artistic talent is discovered, and her biological mother tries to talk to her after getting word of her first exhibition.
The Munsters Knock Wood, Here Comes Charley (TV-G) Hermans con artist twin brother comes to town and stays with the Munsters for a while, against Hermans wishes; he tries to pull a con on Lily.
The Munsters Autumn Croakus (TV-G) Grandpa feels lonely and announces he intends to get married again, and goes on a search for the girl of his dreams to ask her to marry him.
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